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Practicalities of Solar Panels

Surviving the Storms

It’s time for the final entry in this chapter of the Off-Grid Life. In part 1, I give some helpful thoughts on the practicalities of solar panels for novices and in part 2, we batten down the hatches and make a tough decision.

In 2018 Martin and Dominique decided they were going to find a field, buy it and live in it. One year later the dream became reality and the adventure began.  Read how we began setting up our off-grid life here;

#1: Solar Power

#2: Something to Live In

#3: Going Under the Radar – How We Hid Ourselves Away

#4: The UK’s Solar Panel Cover-Up

#5: The first night

#6: Why Off Grid? And Why Now?

#7: Time to take the Plunge

#8: Practicalities of Solar Panels   NEW

#9: Surviving the storms   NEW


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