DailyAudio: The Death of Grass narrated by David Mitchell

THE DEATH OF GRASS narrated by David Mitchell By John Christopher >>> Full cast drama >>> First broadcast 2009 5x15 minute segments >>>  Total running time: 70 mins approx. A grass virus from China spreads all over the world, sparking a food shortage crises that's so dire governments resort to atom bombs to prevent their … Continue reading DailyAudio: The Death of Grass narrated by David Mitchell

DailyAudio: The Best of 2020

WELCOME to Daily Audio, the blog that offers review and recommendation on easy-to-find audiobooks.  Here we are, it’s nearly the end of the year, so what better time to look back at some of the audiobooks and radio series we’ve covered this year and offer my personal favourites. Because who doesn’t love a list? DOCTOR … Continue reading DailyAudio: The Best of 2020

DailyAudio: Dad’s Army – The Radio Series

WELCOME to DailyAudio, the blog that helps you through the latest lockdown with review and recommendations on easy to find audiobooks. We're having something of a run of classic comedies this week, already we’ve looked at To The Manner Born and the peerless Hitch-Hiker’s Guide To the Galaxy, but now we turn the clock back … Continue reading DailyAudio: Dad’s Army – The Radio Series

DailyAudio: Doctor Who: Medicinal Purposes

Starring Colin Baker as the Doctor with Maggie Stables and Leslie Phillips >>>Original full cast play >>> 2 hours approx >> Burke and Hare, the famous Edinburgh murderers and body snatchers are not as they appear in this excursion into Earth history. Who is the mysterious Dr. Knox, and why isn’t befriending the killers' documented … Continue reading DailyAudio: Doctor Who: Medicinal Purposes

DailyAudio: Fear on 4 with ‘The Man in Black’

FEAR ON 4Starring Edward De Souza as The Man in Black. 30 minute episodes There can't be many people not familiar with the BBC Radio 4's long running anthology of scares and frights presented by the Man in Black. Originally titled Appointment With Fear and presented by Valentine Dyall in the late 1940's, the series … Continue reading DailyAudio: Fear on 4 with ‘The Man in Black’