Escaping the Sunday afternoon blues

  If all else fails and you find yourself falling into the protracted state of almost-Monday-ness, why not try one of these suggestions. For those that work Monday – Friday, you may find Sundays are a strange kind of animal, especially Sunday afternoons. Once described by Douglas Adams as the Long Dark Tea-time of the … Continue reading Escaping the Sunday afternoon blues

Writer’s bunk – a chip off the old writer’s block

  Some would call it writer’s block. Me, I call it procrastination. I tried to write, I really did. I started to write several different things but none of them seemed to take off. So, I snapped the laptop shut, as if that was going to solve all my problems. I don’t believe in writer’s … Continue reading Writer’s bunk – a chip off the old writer’s block

Depression – The Beast On Your Back

- REAL LIFE - I want to talk about depression today. Depression is like a hungry beast that feeds on misery. When you feel like shit, the Beast thrives. Depression is an insidious condition that affects a staggering number of people and yet it is the most mis-understood illness in the world. Let's take a … Continue reading Depression – The Beast On Your Back