Employers: Not what they used to be?


Just an unfortunate series of events? Or is there something rotten at the heart of some of Britain’s job market? Read my story decide for yourself.

Town Me and Country Me

town mouse (2)

Has this town mouse finally gone native? Can I survive my new off grid life?

Our Rural Life – Odd Exciting and Heartbreaking


Recounting the days when this city dweller was reluctantly rural and the effects that it had.

Blogging Hell?


I discuss how my new found joy of blogging is helping me discover and enjoy new possibilities

Escaping the Sunday afternoon Blues


If all else fails and you find yourself falling into a protracted state of almost Monday-ness, why not try one of my favourite ways to enjoy a Sunday afternoon, and avoid the long, dark teatime of the soul.

Writers Bunk. A chip off the old writer’s block.


Some call it writers block. I call it procrastination. A good writer is an expert at procrastination, so how good am I?

Just the Usual Blog-Standard?

NSL funny

I think I’m struggling to find an audience. Is there an appetite for my way of blogging?

Blogging Ain’t Easy, Man


How hard is writing a blog? Well it depends…



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