Wales – Sex festival during Covid pandemic

Today, Wales had entered its first national “firebreak” lockdown, just a month after a sex festival was held near a major Welsh city.

Correctly speaking, it was a swinger’s festival, for married couples and single men and women who enjoy the “swinging” lifestyle. “That involves exactly what you suspect – hook ups in tents,” confirmed a source which wishes to remain anonymous. The camping fields heaving with sounds of sex and boozing is no different to what you would find at any major music festival, though “obviously a swingers festival is designed for one very specific purpose…” To have sex.

Of course, any one of the 1,600 atendees will tell you the festival was a chance to meet up with like-minded people in a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere. Any one of the honest 1,600 atendees will tell you it was about shagging random strangers.

“I met a girl around the fire,” said our source, “We got chatting. She asked if I had my own tent. I said I did. Soon we’d zipped up the tent and got to know eachother…all night long.”

The centrepiece of the evenings were a hge camp fire, where people sit round drinking and doing all the other things you would do around a camp fire, except a lot of people obviously had their hands inside theirs, or other peoples’ clothes.

One of the attendees who has spoken to No Script For Life, said, “there was social distancing and face masks. But around the camp fire people lost their inhibitions.” Which surely is the point of a communal fire at a swingers fest?

“It wasn’t open to just everyone,” the atendee continues, ” it was a private, invitation only gathering.” No Script For Life can confirm the festival was held on private land near the Welsh city of Swansea.
It happened in the middle of a pandemic and, now that as of today Wales has entered a national lockdown, is a contributing factor in the risk and misery suffered by hundreds of businesses and thousands of people.
Those attending the swingers festival came from as far away as Glasgow, London, Gloucester and Liverpool, another area that has had strict lockdown measures imposed upon it in recent days. The festival would not be the only reason for the lockdowns in these areas, but only a fool would deny they contributed.

If you’re in lockdown today, it’s because things like this are taking place quietly and with know police intervention. Clearly a gathering the size of the private swingers festival was against all the regulations, even in the between-lockdown months. How it was allowed to go ahead is something that should be investigated, but the question of how 1,600 people could be so reckless, irresponsible and downright selfish is a question that only they can answer.

This report is exclusive to No Script for Life. Facts reported here were provided by somebody who was at the swingers festival and the existance of the festival has been confirmed and verified by at least three other atendees, who also wish to remain anonymous.


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