Flash fiction audio, read by the author

Completely free for your enjoyment, a piece of audio flash fiction read by the author. Please click below.

The Queen’s Biscuits.

The The Tall Tales of Anglesey Herman is a developing anthology written by Herman’s biographer, Martin Gregory.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: As usual,I have been forced to endure the agonies of very primitive software and very little acccess to the internet to bring you this audio reading. The recording with the best audio quality was culled from many different attempts of the reading, and due to the software issues, I cannot edit the recording in anyway. I hope this “raw” reading entertains, and the listener can get past the slight drops in audio quality.  

 CLICK HERE  for more audios.



If you’d like to hear more tall tales from Anglesey Herman’s biographer, just click on the link below.


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