Stop and sit to enjoy some random bits, it won’t take long and it might have you in fits.


Today are a couple of extracts from the radio play I’ve been developing. I enjoy this kind of interplay between characters.

Kenny:  I could have had an entire set of encyclopedias

Benny: What good’s an encyclopedia to you? You don’t know how to ride a bike!


Sections are full of silly misunderstandings like this. They amuse my adolescent mind.


Benny: Sometimes it’s like he can read my mind.

Kenny: (Sarcastic) Maybe he’s got telekinesis too

Benny: Telekinesis? That’s the bald bloke that played Kojak innit?

Kenny: No. That’s Telly Savalas


This one is actually from a conversation I had with someone and of course it found it’s way into a script.

Benny: My dad’s very upset, my sister’s been arrested for fracking.

Kenny: I’m sure she wasn’t.

Benny: That’s what he said, that she was drunk and causing trouble outside a nightclub so the police arrested her for fracking.

Kenny: You mean causing an affray.

Benny: That’s it!


Thought I’d share that in lieu of the poem I was meant to share today but, erm, I lost it.

I lost a poem, which ain’t great

It’ll turn up, if somewhat late

I’m told some things are meant to be

So, up yours, fate

No honestly, I really did lose the poem but I’ll find it and will deliver it tomorrow. Just so long as I don’t get dis – oh look a bird! Pretty bird. Pretty bird.

What was I saying? Oh yes! I’ll deliver the poem tomorrow so long as I don’t get… Look at the light coming in through the gap in the curtains. Isn’t that lovely, the way the dust twists and twirls in the sunlight…

Sorry, yes! The poem! I’ll deliver it tomorrow but then time is such an abstract notion. Existential horror. Time tick, ticking away with every tick-tock, tick-tock of the clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock…

The poem will be here

Written about one so dear

I remember it well

Until I drink some beer.



Copyright Martin Gregory





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