The phonetic alphabete story


Alpha Charlie. What kind of name is that for a little girl? Alpha Charlie wondered this everyday of her life. It wasn’t so bad for her brothers with normal names like Victor and Oscar. Papa had a sensible name too.

Before she was married, Alpha’s mum, Juliet, had the surname Sierra which she much preferred. She met her husband Mike on holiday in Lima (the capital of Peru) and by a strange quirk of chance were sitting next to each other on the same Yankee Airways flight home.

Their first date in England was a theatre production of the movie Zulu. Love was in the air as they applauded at the end of the play and their eyes met as they cheered “Bravo.” Juliet had indeed found her Romeo.

In November they got married. Mike was in the army at the time, stationed in India but he saved hard, and to save on suit hire, wore his uniform to the wedding. On their honeymoon he took her to meet the French / Canadian part of his family in Quebec. One night they attended the big county fair. As the band played Juliet wowed them with her moves. Her favourites dance was always the Charleston but she loved the foxtrot and the tango. Imagine her joy when some of the photos of her dancing were printed in the Quebec Echo. They stayed in an expensive hotel and Juliet sat ’round the pool while Mike played golf

It was on the Delta Airways flight home when she drank to much Whisky. At baggage claim she was told her luggage was a kilo too heavy. Mike stepped in but ended up catching a stray punch. Their honeymoon ended in hospital with groom having an X-Ray.


Copyright Martin Gregory


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