Here we go!


The trap springs open and the greyhounds tear off down the track.

That’s what starting this “blog” feels like – like I’m a greyhound tearing off down the track, except I’m one of those naughty greyhounds that gets distracted halfway ’round the course and stops to sniff the ground thinking how nice it would be if we didn’t have to race, if we could just play and sniff each other instead.

So, having started my “blog” with the words “sniff each other” I will now stop trying to be funny and instead tell you what this is all about.

Well, basically my head is so crammed full of ideas, it’s  hard to filter the quality from the crap. So, I’m going to write it down and let YOU decide. And please, don’t be shy about what you think.

I’m a writer. Obviously not a professional writer otherwise I’d be too busy writing to entertain thousands instead of sat here writing to entertain the ten people who may or may not follow this. I’ve a lot of material that I think is actually rather good but doesn’t have a home. This ranges from comedy sketches to poems. Also, being an avid follower of current affairs, my Facebook friends are becoming increasingly tired of my witty attempts to encapsulate the day’s news. I’m also a big fan of music, science fiction, snooker and Sherlock Holmes, amongst other things. Believe me, I have lots to write about and lots to share.

Each day  I will upload something new. This may be a piece of prose, a poem, a song, a musing on current affairs, something I’ve been muttering about to my friends and very occasionally a meme or two.

So, here we go. Get you’re betting slip ready because the world’s gone to the dogs and I’m ambling along the track wagging my tail and sniffing the air. Well, somebody’s got to.


(Tammy isn’t a greyhound, she’s a whippet  in my dad’s shirt and tie but can you honestly say this photo is at all unwelcome?)

Copryright Martin Gregory

1st August 2018

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